Скинуть вес и похудеть

Медитация кто хочет быстро скинуть вес и похудеть
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Скинуть вес и похудеть

Медитация кто хочет быстро скинуть вес и похудеть от Рафаэля Заманова.

I want to invite you to lose weight and lose weight.

This is my own method of healing (not cosmoenergy, not Reiki, not hypnosis, not placement, not rites). This is the transformation and integration of human energy as a whole.

Energy comes from the macrocosmos of quantum space. Everything is born in quantum. Quantum energy changes the cell's information. The chemical reaction changes in the intercellular space.

The system needs new life streams that saturate the nuclei of the atom. Light is the fuel for the human self-regulation system. The more light, the higher the vibrations at the level of the electromagnetic field (aura) and at the level of the chakras.

From the first session, all stress, body pain, migraines, neurosis, memory loss, blindness, deafness and other serious diseases are eliminated, and the energy itself and all programs are rejuvenated. The most powerful magic programs are removed. In the nature of each person's work. A person is a functional, and during the session, all the connections that the person has accumulated up to now are worked out at once and work is going on with the people you think about.

Immediately after the session, a positive connection is built with all Those with whom you have a misunderstanding (these are parents, children, and work colleagues). You begin to live as if anew. Everyone loves and appreciates you. You have a good mood, you become invisible to the negative, as the stealth mode is enabled . Things immediately get the upper hand on the personal and financial plan.

Everything can be done remotely.

You can also clean any person's movable and immovable property from negativity.

Just order a diagnosis of yourself or any question and setuations from me. I can make a diagnosis by my voice, I can see what and how. I also work with Tarot and my own cards (this method allows you to read everything and everything).

I work without mediators and assistants on this fixed rate for the works of 50 USA dollars (three thousand rubles). The Price does not change for a long time. This is your small payoff-an offering for my labors. You can also come to meditation by recording. Buy-off 15 USA dollars (one thousand rubles). The knowledge and experience that comes from above give me no money, so this knowledge and energy has no price. Go through at least one session or one meditation.

Скинуть вес и похудеть

Any issues are resolved at all levels of human life.

Just need to call or text me by +7 916 916 1616

Sincerely yours Raphael Zamanov.